My Pain: I Love You

I promise you I will always be here for you,
even if you oppose yourself to me,
Because I did this choice.
But I trust you...
And I rely on you,
because I believe in you!

But inside my heart,
I especially need you.
Because I love you.
I need be close to you,
Enough That I can feel the joy,
And to make you feel my shivers.

I confess I can't live without you,
And that You will always stay a dream for me...
But only a dream unfortunately...

You can't reduce my pain.
I have everything except you so I have nothing because you are everything for me.
Cause I love you.

(I am french and do not write very good english, would you want check my poem please, I'm sure there are mistranslation... thank)

by max derkmat

Comments (2)

Oki thank you, it's some difficult for me to write in english, it's my first attempt.
Nothing wrong with your English, just your poem. It's the same thing that's been written by countless other people. Try to write something original.