My Pain, My Tears

I wish you were here
to share my pain
to wipe my tears
to cuddle me in your arms.

And tell me that
everything will be okay.
If only you showeed me love,
then the world would be at my feet.

You could make my world
a better place
if only you knew your place
in my heart.

You asked me once.
'Do you have a hole in your heart'?
Yes, and its for you
to fill it with your love.
You said to me
'pain is love.'
and the
'greatest thing to learn
is to love and be loved'.

Please show me love
and not pain because
it kills
it ruins
it destroys.

Both can't do without eachother.
They are entirely different,
have different values
and meanings too.

Love could bring joy
to one's heart.
But pain, could cause a lot
in one's life.

So, please wipe my tears away....
And please don't make me
go through pains.

by chiamaka janevive arukwe

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