Tale Xvii

Poem By George Crabbe

I write you a love mail on a piece of paper
and send it across for you to read it with love
Since, I am far away from you with my dreams
and I can only write all my feelings on a paper
Let it be happiness or sadness or sorrows
but I have gathered all my thoughts and written to you
These words I write for you, come from bottom of my heart
I have no way to reach you close to hold your hands
other than make love with you on a piece of paper
I know you will be reading my love mails with your tears
and I will be thinking of your heart and soul with my pain
You have changed my lonely life and made me strong
Your love and your love lesson taught my way to improve life
You are the one I love and want to be mine with my life
My paper love is full of words that just written for your love
and want to be with your forever and that is my destiny.

Comments about Tale Xvii

wow... beautiful.... the feelings very well penned.... really liked reading it...and the title 'My paper love' is awesome.....
This is lovely, its srtaright from the heart! i think the title is grea to, 'paper love' Preets

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