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My Parents Gave Me Up
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My Parents Gave Me Up

I never knew them was I was born,
my parents gave me up for adoption.
They couldn't take care of me I guess,
but was this there only option to give
me away like they never knew even
to this day. I was sent to many homes,
no family ever took me in as their own.
This sadness made me feel really alone,
all by myself and no family seemed to care.
I dream all the time about my real Mom
and Dad, I wonder at times if they feel
just as sad. They will never know me as
I grew up to be man, although no child
should ever be so neglected by their
parents. They owe it to their child to
at least let them know your Mommy
and Daddy do still really care.
I know from what I have been made to
bare, the fact I'll grow up with no family
and no one to care.

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