AA (26th March,1992 / Rairangpur)

My Parents-My God

My parents breathed life into me
And I breathed my first witnessed by Thee.
Mama, my eyes saw you first,
And felt like I quenched my thirst.
I thanked Him for sending me on a beautiful journey,
But prepared myself to face the phases like Neem and Honey.
When you picked me first on your lap,
I felt as if I am on feathers of satisfaction taking nap.

Then I saw you dad,
And again thanked Him for making me your lad.
Your first sight upon me,
Made me feel I was blessed by Thee.

Though I admire Him the most,
But, I apologize, coz I snatched His post.
For me, my parents are no one,
But omnipotent almighty of Heaven.

Mama, I remember when you cried for me,
And I regret for every such happening.
Papa, you slogged day and night for me,
To provide me food, education and clothing.
I know I cannot pay your debt,
But to prove my worth, I will try my best.

I pray to have same parents in each and every birth of mine,
To motivate, support and inspire me in the world so elephantine.

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All parents will like you Akash for this lovely mother-poem...great effort10+++++++++++++