My Parents Sometimes Fight - For Tim

I wish my parents wouldn’t fight –
I feel like a cat curled up in a corner
With no one noticing it.

They act like robots out of control,
Moving clumsily, crashing gears,
Not like parents at all.

They sound like horrid black crows –
It would be ridiculous
If it wasn’t so serious.

When it’s a really bad fight
I feel bloodless and cold
Like a victim of Dracula.

When my parents fight
I'm really scared,
Because I think

They will divorce
Or separate
And leave me.

When I argue with my sister
it’s usually because
she cheats at cards,

But when my parents quarrel
It’s like unravelling
A ball of messed-up string-

Hard to find the start.

I think of words to help,
But they get tangled in my throat
And don’t come out.

I’d like to be a bear for a while,
And crawl into a hole
or hibernate for good,

Or run away

But usually I end up
Going to bed in my clothes
And lying awake instead.

They might not separate,
But I can’t be sure, can I?
Earthquakes happen now and then,

It’s the possibility I don’t like
As if something bad is tailing me
Or a sign was on my back

“My Parents Fight”
And everyone is staring.

by Philippa Lane

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Comments (3)

Sensitive write, dear poet Philippa. With the eyes of children who are always concerned about. The poem is there: call the parents. Thanks for sharing. Bravo. Joseph Josephides - Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) Intern.Library of Poetry awarded
...another excellent write on a subject children are concerned about
Oh Philippa, does it help if all those who suffer, or never forget having suffered, from just that, line up behind you...?