My Parrot Sings In The Middle Of The Night

Boss! Why did you open the cage door?
I never betray you and I promise to stay further
Until you get your wings.

I dedicate this scribbling to my poet friend Jerry.Hughes

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (3)

I love is a simple and lovely! Congrats...i translate and understand it by my version and understanding...That parrot that live with the owner is so loyal because of the boss is so nice and treat it well..That make it wanna stay and refuse to fly away...But the reason why the boss/owner want to release the parrot is because the owner love it so much, want to give a parrot a chance and freedom to see new world that it missed out, just to let it experience a life like the other birds do...So it is about love-loved among life it is like someone retiring from company but it is time to is love that grow, hard to leave friend/company since it bloom a nice memory for a long tme...i love it! Thanks for sharing
Promise and words is what we can have from friends or enemy. Hope the promise will not be broken. Sincere friendship will last and true companionship will prevail.
Very amusing. It would seem that you have a very loyal parrot. Write on, Nimal. Warm regards, Sandra