My Passion

You are a whirlwind inside my head
I try to capture your essence, your spirit
But you elude my slender grasp.
I ride the storm rejoicing,
As the filaments of your web bind me
Ever closer to your soul.

You are a meadow within my heart,
I feel your serenity and your heady scents
Transport me to the delights of Eden.
How can life a precursor be?
When all of heaven greets my astonished eyes
With each moment that we share.

You are the music of my soul,
No symphony is equal to your grace and charm,
No aria lifts my spirit in the way you do.
Each hour with you is a hymn to love.
Wisps of wonderment seep like mist from my mind,
For my passion is requited.

by Maureen Travers

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A friend! Thanks. Please read 'A Saint Valentine...Moment.'
Excellent Lines... for the joys within our heart! well done Maureeen! ! !