My Past, My Yesterday

Trying to follow in the footsteps of the person i once was,
i look around and walk around trying to find my cause
I look at the world and it looks back at me,
my eyes are open but i cannot see, what the future holds for me
I walk forward but my future turns into my yesterday,
i walk backward but my yesterday turns into my tomorrow,
i stand still and my today turns into my past

What is left for me to do?
If i walk beside you, i'll fall off the road
if i walk behind you, you'll walk away
if i walk infront of you, i'll get lost
I wanna take your hand but your hand seems busy
i wanna take your arm but your arm is missing
i wanna take your heart but your heart is already taken

So tell me what to do
what point i have to prove
what line i have to cross
what mountain should i move
before i can finally get to your heart

Should i think of the love we shared or the war we declared?

I walk forward into yesterday
i walk back into tomorrow
i run away from today
but my past still stays the same

If i took your hand would you still be able to grab me?
If i took your arm would you still be able to hold me?
If i took your heart would you still be able to love me?

If my past was my tomorrow
and my yesterday my today
would we still be together
or would my past still be in the way?

by Carike Klokow

Comments (2)

your really a great writer, am crazy about this poem.
this is an enjoyable read.