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My Pathos

Poem By seema alvi

Living in the deserty woods
how hollow I feel
The eidetic memories
of the days gone by
Reflashes across
the mind
Rendering me lonely
to the core
The serene yet quite atmosphere
The songs of nightingale
and the lonely musings of solitary chrysanthemum
A caged bird
Trying hard for freedom
the roaring wave
trying hard to touch the yearning shore
But alas|
Losing strength
In the midst
All being witness of my shattered existence.

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Comments (4)

Very nicely done. Keep on writing.
I love nightingales in a poem too. Admire yor poem even if it manifests a pensive mood, atleast its poetic. :)
First Poem but Good poem. Lot of imagination and rhythm. thanks. read my poem.
one can feel the pain of the poet wile reading it. nice poem.