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My Perception

Nt frm another planet,
Jus read on, don faint...
Those who dunno me,
For dem dis is meant......

Entered dis world
20 yrs back..
Finally understood u guys..
Now nothin I lack..

Grew up most commonly..
No chewin, no smokin..
Had a bad luv life..
(mom, ha jus jokin..)

Learnt frnship,
met many a good souls..
there's no difference b/w plates n bowls..

Learnt to listen open heartedly..
N in silence..
Sponged everything tht came ma way....
Knowledge, hatred, violence..

An invasion of sadness
rocked ma mind seeing...
There's so much of a challenge
well.... IN JUST BEING! !

Decided to change things,
Since I'm here for a while..
Cleaned myself first....
N started off with a smile..

Started my journey,
walked the first mile.....
Won give up easily...
N I'll wrap it off in STYLE...! ! !

Join me I don insist,
Jus make ur views broad...
Percieve without thought...
What 'DOG', what 'GOD'........! !

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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