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My Perfect Life

If I was some else my life would be better.
But who would I be, cause it's not that easy.
I know all the stuff I've said about Maddie.
But it's not all true cause I know I'll never be happy.

No matter who I am I'm gonna want to change.
And not one person is ever the same.
Even if I could take the best bits from everyone,
I still wouldn't be having fun.

I want to be smart and happy too.
Sporty, musical, whatever will please you.
I want to be pretty and popular but still keep my friends.
Silly, poetic and not drive anyone round the bends.

Creative, arty, fit and fast.
I want to be the one who gets to bask.
All the things I want to change about my life,
Are hundreds and thousands,
Many which will get me into strife.

Even if I can't have all of these things.
And I know I never will, because God didn't give me wings.
He made me the way I am because that's who He wanted me to be,
But I know I will never be content with that me.

I will always want to have more, be better, be best.
I have to be on top of all the rest.
of course not in everything I do.
Just a few that set me apart from all of you.

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Well Stephi.U have shown ur courage and determination. Good Luck. Go ahead. Whole world can be behind u.- Pradeep