KP (3rd of september / Lister Hospital)

My Personal Love

The train of guilt follows me in my fears
Each stop it takes makes me wonder why i even dream
And why i go through this much pain to make you see the real me
When deep down inside we both know the truth
But yet your to caught up within your own regrets to even see it
Every ticking second my heart bleeds for you
Making the consequences of my life more and more complicated
With all the gutless things you say to me
And that you still seem to think that your doing me a favor
I don't see how this all went wrong
How i was oblivious to the fact that i loved you so much
And you just threw it back in my face
How that for every moment that i had feelings for you
You was just shredding them to pieces with your cold, dark lies
Well this time is different
Because i want to hear one of your cold, dark lies
I want to hear the softness of your voice
Telling me ever so slowly
That there will be a happy ending to this twisted story
And that all of this deceit was just a horrible, violent nightmare
Just then and only then
I will try with all my might to believe you

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