My Personal Space

Don't look at me

don't touch me

you crossed the line

you invaded my personal space!

I know you are just playing games

but this is a game I do not play

I don't play the petting game

when you are 16 and I am 21

I want to tell someone so bad

but I don't want to tell anyone

I don't know what to do

I'm trapped inside of myself

A lil touch on my breast

a thrust and a poke on my ass

you invaded my space

my personal space that is not for you to touch

I told you once, I told you twice

but you chose not to obey

now I don't want to talk to you

or have any kind of relationship with you

you invaded my space

you crossed the line

so please don't look at me

and don't even talk to me

why do I protect you?

why don't I get you fired?

My feelings don't know what to do

because I thought you were my friend.

should I get you in trouble

or should I let you continue

for I don't know

if you will ever stop

Please don't make me feel this way

so lost and confused and invaded

nobody touches me or looks at me that way

not even you, not even on this day

by Mowie DeCorp

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