My Personal Trainer

Poem By ArmourQuill Hunter

Being a conductor is like being a coach, an editor, and a director.
This is what the Holy Spirit is like, delivering me from detractors.
Being the best means work, and a good manager plans ahead.
It’s like praying the answer~, not the problem, by Wisdom led.

The workout’s intense because of war and 'lies' believed true.
My routine includes a walk around the block to pray for the New.
God wakes me, fills me up with wine~, and keep me on track.
Few believe in me as much; God enables me for all that I lack.

Totally set on winning but this can’t be done with a full plate.
Dying to my will (to do His) comes with a price, even of late.
Knowing God's plan isn’t enough, perseverance takes the prize.
When you have a gifted Trainer there’s help against evil’s guise.

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