DD (February 28,1980 / Philippines)

My Personal Winter

'No I don't'
No- I don't lie to you at all.
(that's what he told me, before he left)

How many times
Have you heard
That - 'ignorance is bliss'?
I remember, it was in September
I ran, as if, tomorrow will never come
I ran towards you, after the stewards
They say, you were not on the jetplane
I expected. That you stood me up.
At Meadows field, were all the lilies
Dying, in despair, hoping that you are for real.
If- you did not show up, that day when
The dying flowers are hopeless to see
The magic that you will bring in my life
I wonder if you expect me to see
The beauty of your life, the madness
In your smile, the love that catches
Every inch of my fall. The waking moment
Every September, that which stands
As my personal winter.
I wonder if - the rain will fall
From solar eclipses or when the moon rises.
I wonder if you have loved me at all.
I wonder if you will be there if I fall.
Oh well - just know that I will love you
Forever more.

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LOL! Indeed: | Thanks: ]
Talking to oneself they claim is theuropeutic....Now, on the other hand, having conversation with ones own poems...might present conotations of a different kind...LOL! Very nicely done, young lady... FjcR
Glad to hear that, thanks: |
***sigh***sigh*** ---