A Note On Suicide

It isn’t brave, and it isn’t clever,
to inflict pain on other people forever.
Life isn’t all about you.
Your life isn’t all about you.
That rope hangs your family too,
and those pills kill your friends.
The pain, hurt and upset
doesn’t stop when your life ends.
So please don’t do it.
Please just take a moment to think.
People will die with you
when you drink that deadly drink.
Don’t tell me I don’t understand.
Twice I tried and twice I bailed.
Twice I tried and twice I failed.
Don’t tell me I don’t understand.
I came through, and so can you.
Let that light at the end of the tunnel be a fresh start.
Don‘t let it be the glint of the blade that enters your heart.
Think about how many have died.
Think about how many have sat and cried.
Think again about your selfish suicide.

by Dan Brown

Comments (3)

I relate to this far too much, and in a way its sort of a sad theme. That might not have been what you intended, but thats how it hit me. This was a very original poem, thanks for posting.
a good theme yet try ince again to put it in right words....
it sucks i cant get it right tho im listening to eminem but it sucks look at ur score dogg