AS (October 29th 1974 / Denmark)

My Piece Of Lumber

I tried to sail up stream
without much luck.
Then I tried to sail down stream
a bit more succesfull
but still without much luck.

I tried to find calm waters
but before I could
my boat broke.

Now I'm holding on
to a single piece of lumber.
I'm very scared
unable to move
and just flowing with the stream.

I think a small piece of my lumber
has broken off.
I can't see where
but I have a feeling
that it happened.

That makes me even more scared.

I hope my piece of lumber will hold
and keep my head above water.
If it breaks and disappears
I'm quite certain I will drown
before I find calm waters.

My piece of lumber
means the world to me.
I thank God he sent it
and I hope it will
last me a lifetime.
My world is a better place
because of this piece of lumber.

April 2009

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Comments (2)

love the symbolism very good
as each sacredly flows with piece of lumber in this eternal stream by his own matrix of time and space yet pre ordained! quite passionate write,10++, thanks for sharing