My Pin Number.

What is your PIN number the operator said
I have the number it's in my head
Why do you ask, because I've been told
Only scammers ask and those so bold
A pin should never be thus shared
The consequences make me scared
I have five cards all pinned the same
And this facility could be my shame
But now to keep a separate tally
Creating passwords like Tom and Sally
I used the password one to six
Then late had this one to fix.
Do we all think the same
Using numbers or a name
So I will change and be unique
Change my password to Monique
Using Monique one to five
Use this combo to revive
So next a pin I must recall
Think of a girl nice and tall
Long blonde hair and golden skin
She has my PIN number within
Monica is that sirens name
Now all my cards are named the same.

MB 2014

by Michael A Berriman

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