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My Poem About Deception
(February 4th 1988 / Davis Island)

My Poem About Deception

Poem By Jesse Tampa

Strewn along to believe the lies of the unjust
Put faith into the wrong accord, I have misplaced my trust
Through rusted pipes of lies there lay dead dreams below us
Never connecting webs together, they say I shouldn’t fuss
I’m confused, angry, turned upon my very own foundation
If I could paint a canvas there would be negative illustration
I was on a path to a future with a strong hold
Now I stand on this new plain if I may be so bold
I question why I’ve been betrayed by the leaders
I am derailed from my path by the corporate bottom feeders
Enough, I demand answers till my breaking point is reached
Life, Liberty, and Happiness, the guarantees in life are breached
I feel as if a giant dam has broken and we cannot float
Instead of rising to the top, Titanic is our boat
There is no letting up by the officials in the ton
Pull yourself up by your boot straps they tell us again
I say enough is enough my friends, open up your portals!
Or we will be mislead again by these lying mortals
So as we are sinking deeper, you along with I
Will we sit back together and watch our country die?
Who will stand up for the people and fix the results of lies?
We cannot take this sitting down; they won’t catch us by surprise!
We deserve better for our working every single day
And in the end it isn’t us, but it’s you that should pay.


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