Grapes of wrath are sore
When your mind filled by envy
Jealousy makes your mind poisonous
And darkness covers your soul.

Abrupt are your thoughts
When darkness rule your soul
Blindness rule your wisdom
And shadows replaces instead.

Goodwill washes and drains
All the miseries ahead
And Calves torn its prey
To wind up unrecognized path

by sekharan pookkat

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Very nice Donna. Are you THE Donna...The lead guitar playing Donna? I hope so. I am a big fan and think that you were the heart of Elastica. Hope all is good. Marc.
i really like your poem ms. matthews. I feel like i could relate to it. i recently discovered that i love my boyfriend and im even thinking about dedicating this poem to him. If you dont mind that is. I'll even say who wrote it. I do write poems to, but this one isn't all mushy gushy it's just coming straight form the heart. well anyways i just really like this poem. Im adding it to my collection! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 11