Life After Matric

They all said get an education
And you'll make it
Do everything with determination
And you'll be an inspiration
Get that paper
And you'll get that future.

After twelve years am still stuck
Hopeless with no work
Certificate but yet no degree
I did everything but there's nothing to see
Believe you me, I played my part.

Same routine each and everyday
No results at the end
Open one door and another closes
I know I was so near
Just didn't get that degree.

Flying colours on my certificate
But no university pass
I know I got the ability
The brains and all the guts
Just need some encouragement
And you'll see me there.

Life after matric aint no fun
Play along, all of a sudden its all gone
No more jokes around the house
Bitterness and anger building up
No foundation but its all growing.

You see, it aint no fun feeling lonely
No income and you get depression
With all the stress that make you obssess
Neither the less you still unemployed.

Life after matric kills your confidence
Unless you in university
Then you can live it all up.
I aint discouraging but stating the facts
Just look at it and you'll see what I mean

by Mamello Maighmeekie Sello

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When my thirst and hunger not defined as if plutonic lava beneath the clogged vent confined. Don't know I, who sings in me A little while, for I am enlightened I thank thee. - - - -An enchanting piece of write about the glory of love, thanks for sharing.