My Poetry Apprenticeship

I’ve served my Apprenticeship,
I’ve learnt from HIM above,
I’ve awaited for HIS Every Word,
But now ~ HE’s given me a shove.

For Seven Years I’ve written Poems,
Four Hundred and Sixty Five to date,
It’s time I stood on my own feet,
Before it is too late.

I’ve always said ‘the Words aren’t mine’,
I’ve waited for HIS Thoughts anew,
Is this Poem from HIM above?
Or do I create Poems for you?

If Verses take too long to write,
If the Words take time to come,
Then they are mine, ~ mine alone,
As I ponder ~ until the Poem is done.

But when my pen writes very fast,
The ink still wet on my pad,
They are the ways HE Directs my Mind,
And as I write, I am again glad.

Glad that HE is helping me,
To put thoughts on paper anew,
Thankful more poems are written down,
For you all ~ to read and view.

Copyright © Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 12 August 2007

by Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

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It's good that we should acknowledge God as the source of all our talents and abilities. I like your poem.