AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

My Poetry Dream

I float ~ to float,
I floated ~ to float,
Looked, I sail to everywhere net everywhere,
I finally arrived here this piece stretch of land.
Could this be the static earth which composed a poem?
The hope writes the good poem,
Well, lets them cross the seas to cross ocean.
Feared they have changed the heavy stone,
The demeanor has not sunk to the sea!
How many ages composed a poem passed through?
The present world vicissitude in the free verse
Written in the vernacular domain,
The poets have seemed as if lost the direction.
Always did not do ponders the sentence,
At the beginning of poem hard to bring about painstakingly,
My this the elder brother,
Threw the poem manuscript not to have the gate not how,
Sometimes like launched no longer comes up,
There is the poet skeleton full nautical mile.
The ancient poetry writes has the basis,
Vernacular Cheng Shigeng the rare good sentence;
But asks the regard to pass on the great distance,
Does not ask the antithesis new poetry sentence?
This life composes a poem chaotically,
Ancient-style poetry beauty you wrote too anciently,
The vernacular writes the speech not to have the flavor,
But asks some day to flush outside the cloud,
Has broken the poem fetter,
Created the new atmosphere color,
Has written my hope freely?
Has writes the new boundary unrestrained.

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Good poem Albert, it's how do u say creative