My Point Of Vieuw

I’m banding everything
That’s coming to deep in me
I used to be flying
And now, is all I see
A world of darkness
So empty
How more how less
A new philosophy
What you get is what you take
Cause nobody will give it to you
Every face is so fake
Nothing turns out to be true

What’s behind the lies
Is there some truth
What’s behind the mask
That’s hiding you

I forgot all what I knew
I take back what I threw
cause here’s my point of view:
Nothing left to trust
Everything’s bin changing
Hiding is a must
It’s all a quest of betraying

If I look how strong I stood
I don’t wanna know
That people only pretend the good
They’re just giving a show
But I’ll have to keep on going
Damn right I will
I just wanna stop knowing
All those people make me ill


by silke m..

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