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My Prayer

Consecrate me lord I plead,
Remember not my selfish greed.
Cleanse me thou divinity
For in thee is found no infirmity.
Amend me lord a fallible specimen
For like thee is no other amoungst men;
Whiles I have breath and strength abides,
Let my consummation not be pride.
The heavens show lustrously,
Thy wonder and infinite glory'.
To thee, birds sing sweet serenade...
Harmonious notes that never fade.
To thee, angels sing implacably,
Thou at worthy thou at holy.
Requite me not for my misdemeanor,
Mold me master a vessel of honor
Be merciful upon my transgression,
Let there be reconciliation with thy son;
Forever will thou be my sanctity,
Sanctify me, holy trinity.

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