My Prayer

Dedicate your life to helping American Indian families,

Work towards reviving old values and ancient ways.

Work with others to ensure the healing of our Mother the Earth, our Father the Sky and our Sister the Sea.

Work with others to ensure that our languages and culture are reborn.

Work for how ever long it takes to reclaim land that was swindled and stolen from us.

Not all lands can be retrieved now, but there’s plenty that can be,

Lands that are of good quality and large enough to make us who want too be self sufficient can be,

Become our own determinators, our own educators, set our own futures,

Farm again like we did before the white man came to our shores,

It was us who saved them from starvation, our crops nourished them,

Breed cattle, bison, sheep, goats, deer, elk for our own needs and the preservation of wild life.

Teach our young to be a mirror of our peoples and to cast their shadows on the right path.

The modern world is strangling and stifling itself, it’s chocking on its own effluent,

This way of life we are living, the way that we are living will bring darkness down upon our mother the end is sneaking up on us gradually and getting close to the point of no return.

Many of us see, many of us do not wish to see, many are blinded by greed and their selfish need to consume more and more, to make more and more money accumulation and damnation, these faults go hand in hand with destruction and anillation, bank managers board members, share holders, businesses big and small and you at home are helping us to descend into the abyss.

Mother Earth has always eliminated her destroyers since time began, our arrogance will bring us undone in the end.

Wars never ending bought about by greed, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy, being blind to other peoples needs, corruption and hate, having no respect for other peoples beliefs, none what so ever for life these qualities if you can call them qualities paints a hopeless picture for our future.

We are thick, we will not change as time has gone on we have become more efficient more devious at killing one and other.

We do not respect our planet, its wild life, and its plants, bulldoze, cut down, dam, mine, blast and pollute take and take, ravious, rape and plunder, like there’s no tomorrow, at this rate there will be no tomorrow.

Our Sister the sea, our brothers the whale the dolphin, every fish every organism, vital, now madmen assonate with long lines, miles of nets, harpoon cannons plunder and pillage fish, and fish until extinction stares us in the face the sea runs red as Japanese murder and chase relentlessly under the guise of research, Green Peace pursue and search out the ships of carnage annoying and hindering these killing machines.

So I ask you my brothers and sisters to go back to the sacred circle, to go back and tough reality to see what we have today and what we use to have,
And believe in what we can have to be an Indian not act the part or play the part to be a true Indian a true human being.

The Great Spirit is waiting for us to be his care takers again, the eagle fly’s in anticipation.

Our ancestors are standing outside a turning circle, when it stops it will be time to step in into the centre to embrace the old ways in a new time.

We must be people of the rainbow where the color of ones skin does not matter all who have a transparent heart who show compassion, are truthful, honest and respect all life will be part of the Medicine Wheel, for they are the true healers of our Mother the Earth.

I fly with the eagle sadly my vision is becoming blurred it is now hard to see through the darkness that’s descending ever so gradual engulfing our Mother Earth, the sacred fires must be reborn to show me the way home.


by Osceola Waters

Comments (3)

a great advocation for our mother earth..Continue your work for this, Osceola..i really admire you with regards to this.. hugs, Meggie
A superb call for integrity and a way of life respecting nature
Every body should read this, it's not a poem, it's the truth Osceola