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My Prayer
(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

My Prayer

Poem By Francois Hoon

Let not my faith depend on me
For I am weak.
Let me trust wholly on You Lord
- Almighty God
You be
My trust
- Take my doubt away.

Any stronghold that Satan might have on my body,
My faith,
Banish it
In the name of Your Son Jesus,
The Liberator of my soul,
My strength,
My love,
My trust,
And He singularly at that.

Jesus baptize my body,
My mind,
My faith,
My spirit,
In Your love and Your will.
Let no doubt ever surface in my spirit Lord.

Dunk me in Your undeniable love, mercy and grace Lord,
For You have saved me from eternal death.

Let my spirit be one with Your Spirit
And Your will Lord be fastened strongly
And without the possibility of it being loosened
By my small faith Lord.

You be my faith Lord.
Let it not depend on me Lord, most worthy,
For I am weak.
Give me Your love and mercy and Your grace Lord
Take me deeper
Into Your realm.
Let me see Your eyes Lord
Let me learn to know You more
Deeper than ever before

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Comments (4)

Beautiful! A prayer in my own heart! Thanx!
A prayer is a must to tell God everything, to communicate with Him.Without Him, we are nothing. Thanks for this, Francois..
Yes oh! Francois Nice Job!
This is a really good poem Francois keep writing