My Precious Gold

If you desire the world then let's go on a shopping spree
And I'll show you that my love for you has no measured degree
I'll buy all that there's in the world only for your sake
And give you virtually everything that you desire to take
I wouldn't mind if I lose every crispy, hard earned money
Why should I when it makes your own world so lovely and sunny
I'll decorate you with the most expensive jewelries of all kind
And tell you day and night that you're always on my mind
I wouldn't mind if I lose anything, even my cherished treasures
Why should I when your love gives me electrifying pleasure
Like I told you spending my money ain't got value without you
And as long as I live I'll do anything, everything that's new
To show you that with you I don't really have to withhold
I'll give you anything because you're truly my precious gold

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