My Pretty Daffodil

In search of a garden flower in mid February afternoon,
I stumbled in a little corner into a bunch of bulb flowers,
There were some bright yellow flowers bowing graciously in the cold,
They were shivering but seemed to dance merrily in the chilly wind.

I dared to pluck one of the flowers, separating it from its flock,
The rich yellow petal cup adorned on top of lovely green stem,
It held the beautiful nectar of nature to welcome the coming spring,
I did not know till someone told me that it was a pretty daffodil.

I could offer my pretty daffodil on the alter of God,
It would love to meet the creator and adorn the alter,
The beautiful yellow petal cup would remind the devotees,
To share the golden honey of kindness and good wishes with all.

I could offer my pretty daffodil to my departed loved ones,
It would fill their heart with shining love and beaming smiles,
It would remind me of the glass of the wine of love,
Which we shared in our lives till heavens got us apart.

I could offer my pretty daffodil to my lover at heart,
She would be ecstatic to behold the flourishing love,
I would love to engrave our kisses on those lovely petals,
And preserve in my heart and soul for many years.

My pretty daffodil was so fragile and tender,
I put her in a vase, watered at any hint of withering,
I could not keep her beaming and smiling with time,
Even in the premature demise, she was spilling happiness from her cup of love.

by Jay P Narain

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Comments (2)

Jay, this poem really touched me. It is just the way I feel when I see a beautiful flower and I wonder whether I should put it at an altar of God, or give it to someone I love the most or just put it in a vase. I always choose the last option because that way the flower can live a bit longer and spread joy and happiness for a little while more.
Great imagery and an emotionaly moving poem.