CT (c. 24 August 1562 - 20 September 1586 / Southampton, England)

I Said Goodbye But

Yes I said good bye to you
But it doesn't mean that
I stopped to dream
About your lovely face
About this perfect romance
About me in your arms
Yes I love you still
You are this right man to me
I wish to spend the night with you
I wish to be yours

Yes I got married
When you have gone
But it's not a reason
To not say any word
Besides romance
Is very common here
So, don't be afraid
Too much

I can't set free
From you
No one else is not
So cute
What can I do
I wish, I wish
To be yours

I don't understand why
Why you are afraid even to speak
What's wrong with me now
That you can't
Hey, where is this man
In you I met once
Don't waste this time
We could spend together
Just come for a while
You know what I want
Just take me my love
And then you can go
If you must
But don't leave me like that
Without any word
Without any sign
It's not right

by Anna Cellmer

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A poetic form 'Tien' is derived from this poem being a one line poem of ten words of one syllable(without a title) usually full of pathos
very interesting poem on a conclusion of a short life.
Chidiock Tichborne was convicted as a plotter in the Babington Conspiracy, a Catholic plot that aimed to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I and put Mary Queen of Scots on the English throne. Tichborne was executed on September 20th 1586. He wrote the poem on the eve of his execution.