My Promise

Poem By spiritual seeker

Waves upon waves came rolling to the shore,
A journey promised to the distant stars and frontier,
Where swimming moons became resting places,
And shooting stars for our eyes to gaze.

When I surrendered my restless heart,
I promised that it be yours always,
Where only death do we depart,
But this love will always firmly stays.

When you willingly gave me your honour,
I have always protected it with my life,
With each dropp of my blood, dear wife..
Till the end of my life, till the end of my life.

When you peacefully slept I always gazed,
You, the most precious gift the Almighty gave,
This living love that came in waves upon waves,
How lucky I am, at what my love crazed!

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touching, moving, so nice. Wonderful words from a true poet's heart.

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