My Promise

A nervous laugh
Then I see you smile
I wonder what your soul has seen
Has it felt love
A gentle hand
A tender kiss
I fear it's hapiness
That you miss

Inside your eyes
I see the tears
I feel the fear
So much pain
Through many years

Can I help
For in you, I see me
I hear the smack,
I see the bruises
And thoughts of suicide
Why not?
When all has been taken
There is nothing to lose

Please don't go
My heart whispers this scream
I want you to know
Just what you mean

All is not lost
This much I swear
It can't be love
But my friendship I'll share

Let the beat of your heart
Comfort you
And soothe your tears of pain
Future memories will bring
Tears of joy
And love again

by Matt Mondschein

Comments (2)

i love the clarity of your mind and how you get it onto the page. keep it up matt.
What a beautiful write and so much care and wonder for someone that you see is hurting or has been through a lot. Many are the pains of a person's life young or old and we never know exactly what another has gone through. But you write is a write of love and empathy. She is very fortunate to know you.... Thanks for sharing.....the world needs more hearts like yours....