My Psychic Observation

I don't understand what their problem is.

'Me either.'

They made the decision to get college degrees.
And sought positions with titles,
That brought them prestige.
Then became qualified for home loans that provided,
A suburban life to live...
With picket fences and impressions to give.

'And remember how they would drive,
Those expensive cars they drove?
With a doing to do it slowly to then turn up their noses.
And rode around not to stop or offer us a ride.'

That's why I don't understand,
What their problem is.

We did choose to live basically.
Knowing what we claimed to own,
Could be re-possessed.
We did choose to live basically.
With an emphasis and interest,
To invest our minds in our happiness.'

Do you think their version of happiness,
Has made them today upset?

'You got me.
I know when I get upset about 'anything',
I either walk or take a bus.
Or stay away from other people.
I rather not share that feeling to be alone.
To careless who is or isn't impressed by it or not.'

Check it out.
Now they are rolling their eyes at us.
And we are minding our own business,
Waiting for a bus.
What's up with that?

Something owned has been re-possessed.
I'm sure of it.
And that's why they are upset.'

How do you know that?

'My psychic observation.
Plus being around children,
And knowing what devastates them.'

Taking away their toys!

I see you've been working on your psychic abilities.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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good dialogue Lawrence