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My Puppies Love
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My Puppies Love

Poem By Donna Nimmo

I don't have jewels or gold
I have love from my dogs I hold
Their love so faithful and true
They're kissing my face when I am blue
A pat on their gentle head, and a bit of food
Looking into their eye's, you have to get into a good mood
Sitting on the couch, three dogs in my lap
I'm finding comfort, they're taking a nap
They have my heart we all agree
They are my little shadows and will follow me
Sitting on a pillow on top of my desk
Is my little poodle putting me to the test
Underneath are two pillows, with a dog on each
They loving lay within my reach
So if you need to fill a void in your life
Get you some dogs, that will cause you no strife!

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