EM (13/06/1990 / )

My Questions To God

Can you explain the pain in my brain?
Caused by the suffering you force to remain
Can you describe why we fight and strive?
Believing in so many: false lies
Could we not always promote?
The blacked lies that he spoke

Are our lives one big lie
A cancerous annoyance that will soon pass by
Why create to hurt and hate
Knowing that no one will ever appreciate
Why not let us leave if everyone will deceive
Children dying mothers crying, bringing us to our knees

Loosing the battle, loosing the game
Commotion from emotion turning me insane
Why do they laugh, take the mick
Do they kill because there’re sick?
Who’s the sinner who’s the saint,
Your loves meant to be strong, so why so faint

Give me some answers can you tell
When will we stop living: in hell?
Fires will burn and the world will turn
We hear there screams but we’ll never learn
Why let it happen, why let us be
We’re drowning in our tears can’t you see

We suffer, we all do
An ideal life is too good to be true
But you’re meant to be our god, the creator of it all
Why create hell if you’re not the devil
I’m asking the questions, can you answer me
Why don’t you hear my plea?

Let us suffer, let us die
Let a tear fall from my eye
It’s your world going under, it’s you who’s going to loose
Because the paths we have, are the ones you choose
So why not stop it, why not try. Why continue to let us cry
I’m asking these questions so answer them please
Why after all these years, can’t you love, and dry the tears.

by Emily Moore

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I have wondered and asked the same qustions to every christian I hav met. Now I hav something that can put it into plain words. I hav asked y there is so much sufferin if he luvs us. y did he create satin and hell. great thanx TAZ