My Rainbow Baby



I will know when you forgive, it will be plain to see,
it will show in your smile and the way you talk to me,
baby please don't be so hard, you know you are the one,
that you are are my moon and stars and my shining sun,
yes, you are my rainbow after a pouring rain,
the kind that goes from ground to ground, when the sun comes out again,
and when I catch that rainbow, to keep, to have, to hold,
I know that I will find you there, you are my pot of gold,
so baby take away those dark clouds, that float across your mind,
and think about the sunshine, that we both are sure to find.,
when your sun comes out again, and drives those clouds away,
I promise you forevermore, to give you sunshine everyday,
when the rain clouds come again, just to give the ground a drink,
there wont be any pain, we'll be happy, don't you think,
so look outside your window, and tell me what you see,
is it a bright rainbow? , there for both you and me?

written by Harry Bryant
10/14/2000 2: 37: 52 PM �
all rights reserved
By Habry

© 2005 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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...excellent the imagery ★