My Rare Pet Dog

His name is 'Marco' a crossed german shepherd.
I have only two daughters and I loved this rare creature
as my obedient son.
Marco understands everything except talking.
When my daughters go to school
he goes with them to the bus stop
and wait there until a bus comes.
Then come back home and wags his tail
saying they are gone safely.
Oh! what a kind hearted son!
Before I leave the country
I found something like tears in his eyes
and skips his meals.
My wife writes me
when she put my old clothes into the kennel
then he sleeps quietly.
Oh! my dearest son
one day you left us
without saying good bye!
I am sure somebody must have poisoned you.
Who granted this inhuman a soul
instead of giving it to a dog?

(My dear Marco, my heart still laments for you)

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (4)

A wonderful tribute to a beloved pet. Patricia
Dear Nimal You are so brilliant at conveying real feeling through the pen.Wow! What A Star you Are! Love Duncan
A very touching tribute to your Marco. Perhaps somewhere in the distance, he is still wagging his tail in approval and pride at being thought of as a gifted poet's dog. Warm regards, Sandra
Nimal, I am so very sorry about Marco. My best friend in the whole world is my beautiful little Chloe. Chloe is a Sheltie(a sheepdog) and a Spaniel mix. Never in the world have I ever had a more loving loyal companion. She loves unconditonally and would protect me to her last breath. She came to me at a really difficult time in my life as I have many health problems- often my husband and daughter don't understand. But Chloe is always there, my furry little angel. I hope I did not sadden you by going on about Chloe. If someone did hurt your Marco, I hope God repays them a thousandfold! That makes me so angry. I keep you and your family in my prayers, my friend. Maybe Marco could still come home. Blessings to you! ! Theresa