My Real Face

talk about it thats all they say
it will make you feel better,
so i write it down in a form of a poem
trying to make the pain disappear.
my poetry has become
a place for me to escape my worries and fears
just another reality
that helps keep the pain at bay.
it doesn't help me feel better about myself
or make it go away.
all it does is take me some place safe for a while,
and keep the pain at bay.
i cant talk about it
because nothing but tears will follow,
no joy no happiness, nothing but painful tears.
people tell me that the tears will help the pain
but all they do is hurt.
how can happiness come from pain?
this i do not know.
moving back and forth between realities,
trying to find my place.
i dont know who i am anymore
or which is my real face.

by Ciara Owens

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This is good self-examination. The way I do it is to call all the faces my own. It's when I mix them up that all the problems happen: -)