HL (July 13,1992 / Channelview)

My Real Father

The sirens have became louder my heart is beating faster pumping out of my chest. My bilogical father runs around the house grabbing the liquor it's such a mess my mom is on the ground with blood pouring out my brother has been screaming hoping someone will hear and I just sit in the corner too shocked to move, too broken to stand up for ones I love. So I just watch this hell go by. The door was busted down people swarmed in and shot my father down. Rushed my mother out all strung out. that was the last day I saw such terror in ones eyes. From that day on I never saw the good in peoples eyes I'm too weak to go on, let me die, I can't ever be strong I can't be helped at all. The sirens have died out but the sounds and meomories live on in the depth of my head my heart is beating slower now, as a matter of fact its not beating at all the police let my father back out my wounds haven't healed but my soul has to go on as my father beats us down. In the ground is where we are now.

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