Impartial Judiciary

We have become slaves
And behave
Irresponsible over the issues
And make unnecessary fuss

We go on diving public opinion
Make quarrel over onion
Rake up issues which have got no relevance
It is rally called as nuisance

Let us pick new leaf
And be brief
We should bring in new factor
If that can be called as national honor

Let parliament function
Let us build public opinion
If some of the bills are stalled
It shall be unfortunately called

Let the people of country enjoy fruit
And not allow others to exploit
Let us bury the past and surge ahead
We are here to move and lead

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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to MyPoemList bri :)
Sir Lewin, Place yourself under arrest, guilty of what i do most detest: You wrote somethin' humorous, about which Elaine did then fuss! Now you she may love, not ol' Bri, but when she sees " NYC" she'll cry, and I'll step into the resultant fray, and she'll be mine the following day! to MyPoemList. bri :)
Woo hoo... I love it! I sure hope that We can expose the real name of Donald Trump is....M. Peach xoxo Sure hope you are well my dear friend. Much love Elaine