BIM (5-30-76 / Tennessee)

My Reality

My soul wants to cry as I look around and wonder why..
Work then hospital then home to die.
Pick up my child pretend not to be numb,
Put on my happy face and stick up my thumb.

I watch people walk around all whiney and pissed,
Complaining, unhappy... I'm thinking to get a grip.
All on their cell phones, impatient in grocery lines, giving themselves heart attacks...and all for why?
Because they had a bad day or something went wrong..
What happened to the good ole days when you picked people up and sang a sweet song?

I live here, me and my child.
Work so hard and it is all worth while.
I do get impatient at times as well,
But let me tell you, MY REALITY is hell.
Non stop work and running to boot..
but that is what you do when the people you love are counting on you.

Every time the phone rings, I think it's the call..
I can't stand up, I just want to fall.

Head to the smell of sickness and death,
Get a grip girl, catch your breath.
You can do this you have to be tough,
Your mother needs you, you can not give up.
Beeps and whistles and needles and gloves,
How can I not ask why to the Lord above?

I make her bed and change her clothes,
She is fifty years old, but you would not know.
Her face is all swollen from prednisone,
Her body is ravaged from a disease thats unknown.
Nobody knows how to fix her you see,
Not even the doctors for she is a mystery.

So how do you take this walk all alone?
How do you handle that ring on the phone?
Why did you walk this walk before and why is it here again with so much more?
My burden is heavy and my emotions are tired.
My game face is on, but it is almost expired.

You people that are stressing over the smallest things..
Take a real look at reality.
See what is important before it's too late,
YOUR REALITY will only fill you with hate.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Wow! and I thought I had problems.I hope things get better for you my dear. Your poem really paints a sad picture.