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My Realizations.
ML (- / Philippines)

My Realizations.

I am anything but perfect....
You can't see what is within.
My outer looks cannot reflect.
The darkness of my sins...

I am like any other man,
Does his best to get through.
I do whatever I can,
To stop thinking about you...

Vile thoughts are in my head,
They help drown out my pain.
Pictures of you lying dead,
Ow, they all look the same...

I can't stop but wonder,
Why the hell did I pick you?
The moments we spent together,
And the surprises I threw...

Didn't they mean anything?
Or did I waste my time..
I'm dumb for giving everything.
Loving you was a crime..

It slowly killed me...
Weakening me everyday..
I was just too blind to see,
That love has its crooked ways...

So I guess this is goodbye,
To the memories of our past...
I will do my best to forget you,
Thoughts of you will be fading fast.....

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