My Remains

Poem By Bichitra Anand

May be for a while,
If your shade go away from me
I become vacant
My whole remains
A big zero.

Seldom I feel my existence,
My identity
I am your eternal epiphyte,
You r my eternal shelter.

What's my stand today
A mere collection of pretty remains
Of pressed tooth paste tubes
To brighten my teeth,
Of divine leftovers of your grand kids.

My glossy tress once bewitching you
Now thin n light silvery
With remains of my grands' hair oil.

My youth time rains and winters
Were totally mine
In proximity of an uxorious
Made me racy, crazy, my dear.
Noisy rains slip down the sky
Only bygone silent showers remain for me
Whole winters surpass my room
Remains warmth of your grand kids
Under the quilt are totally mine.

Our home, elegant n jubilant,
Filled with your love and passion
Corner to corner one day
But, what a change today?
Each inch of it noisy, runny
Except a small corner
Filled with a tacit solitude
Is my sole property, my dear.

Your eyes, on return to home
Quite erotic, whoopee move around
Your ears attentive to hear
A sweet "Hi" from me.
Today, I feel crowdy
Grand children fire me
With high sounding " hi" whole day.

Still, I aspire
Remains of my life without you
To say 'hi ' to Jagannathswami
On toes behind Garuda
Stamping my fingers
On Sri Chaitanya's impressions
Until my remains transform to ashes
And I sleep on your lap at cremation
Where u r in rest
My dear.

Comments about My Remains

It's a marvelous work, clear depiction of old age loneliness without one's husband.Saying hi to Jagannathswami behind Garuda pillar is everybody's desire. So nicely told the end of toothpaste tubes, beaten and pressed, remains of hair oil... Beautiful.

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