My Retreat

In the Lord I find my comfort
He is just, He is true, He is holy
The Lord is who gives me all
He gives me patience, He gives me love
He gives me pain, He gives me my discomfort.

My all in all, He who gives all
Can also take all.
All in all God is love.
Love is in everything-
God is in everything, living or not

God was in the attempts that have failed
God was in each breathe you inhaled
God was in not only what did fail but also what prevailed

God is where I go when I rejoice
God is who speaks for those without voice
God is in each decision and each choice

God will bring laughter to your face
God will forever be in this place (my retreat)
God will always hold me in a loving embrace

God is in you and me
And I am sure you'd agree
That God is in, a guarantee

by Amanda May Moore

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