AA (23/04/1959 / BLIDA)

My Revolt

Why across the creek took all the wind

Noya my pink palm until the snake

Yet as bad as treasure quicksand

J'aibalancé blood in my time crawling soon after

His despair at the edge of the water into fire tear

On my most beautiful shoulder, handed me at the nest

That was his wish my sweet desire embarrassing

Between two rocks my flower protects his blessed forehead

My heart faded storm hag her angel

I botched the future killing my beautiful horses

Forgetting estroi in my eyes a fear of Peter

Love endures some thought him worth the pleasure

Moves me to tears moments memories

Abandoned erased everything that is beautiful?

Destroy who loves me tearful retain

My past enfurie a love without a grave

On or sprung happiness dressed as wounded souls

I offer my heart smile drawing

Cool on my lips envied neglected

GOD created the Eden loves everything else in fine chorus

Eve to Adam precise in its creation

The return of the Stone Age impurity

In treacherous glass fantasy false passion

I picked the lily smashing mirror cut

this poèm it translated from www.poemefrance.com
pseudo coeurh

I dedicate my roses

http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=tYnzH-zXPUQ

by AID Abdelhakim

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Trez bien...beautiful write here...outstanding, outrageous and exquisite flow of words..hope to read something in french and arabic from yours..or more special what can make me feel a bedouin...well written once again