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My Right Hand
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

My Right Hand

When I asked my left hand what my right hand just did;
It just hid,
It was unknowing from what my right hand had performed
My left hand was left in the dark, and uninformed.

The deed with my right hand I did not want to boast
As I proclaim my belief in the Holy Ghost,
In my right fist a secret from all it would now hold
So, my left hand wasn't showed.

Together as one my left and my right hand had taught
In unison they have led, and worked and fought,
Together, as all hands they are a perfect pair
But, sometimes a good deed, no one should ever share.

My right hand had given to the needy, and the deprived
A secret from my left hand it had contrived,
Unto the left hand it's deed my right hand wouldn't show
Now, that act only God and my right hand will ever know.

Randy L. McClave

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