My River

Wandering woods thru dale and down
A moments pause to hear the sound
Of gentle wind through dappled leaves
Summers breathe 'neath towering trees
The sounds of water, river braided
Down from hillside, fury faded
And so for me which is my brother
The wind, the woods, the water, other
Today I say the rolling brook
It's story told like nary a book
Of ages past and future coming
The tale is told through water running
Through days of flood then painful drought
It parallels my own life's route
How most my days I'm giving thanks
My river stays between it's banks.
Carries me gently to the sea
Where friends of old they welcome me
When we have joined it's understood
I'll know my life, my river, was good

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A very well penned and poignant write that shows the heart and talent you got! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing,10+++ Love and Peace for always! ...