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My River
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My River

The river has broke my heart
Something so beautiful
Peaceful and precious
Has destroyed and ravished

The river has stolen my heart
its current holds it tight
As much as i run the banks
reach for it, strain
It won't let go
It just goes

The river has taken my life
my soul and mind
My lungs are full of you
I cannot breathe
You fill me
From tip to toe

The river is wild
and therefore must run free
Although you hold me under your powers
I accept you will be free
Natural, underestimated, strong
Hold me forever

The river is mine
as much as you hold me control me
I effect you
as i swim within your waters
and see how you function

I understand that
what people see of you
is just what you want them to see
But I see deeper, for I have discovered your depths
Swam to your darkest place

My river has stolen me
and forever i will swim.

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