My Rock

You are my rock, my savior.
Without you I would die.
I can't imagine life alone.
I couldn't even try.

You make each day worth living
with your jokes and goofy ways.
No matter how messed up life gets,
you're the one who always stays.

I never worry you'll leave me.
I know your not that kind.
I'm sure that I could search the world
but a better man I'd never find.

I thank God for sending you to me.
I hope I am deserving.
I'm letting you read my thoughts of you
and yes, it IS self serving!

by Mary Nagy

Comments (4)

Mary, great ending and confession... well done! ! Brian
Mary Mary Mary you are my poetic rock you inspire me to keep writeing thank you Superman
Dear Mary Perhaps you may consider this.You also are a rock to others. Love From An architect.Duncan
My Fears followed by My Rock makes a wonderful back to back read. Filling ears and quelling fears you deserve to be self-serving.